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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Monday, March 03, 2008

Yeah I love crunching the numbers..

..but the last thing I will do is tell anyone else how to "get faster" (except for having a PLAN to follow- aim for nothing and you'll hit it every time- there should be a plan, even if it resides only in your head)
To each his own.. I don't do periodic brain dumps here in order to draw criticism to myself or to criticize others. I do what I do.. the way I want to do it, the way in which I most enjoy it and the way which fires me up the most. My way won't work for everyone, or even many, or even a few. It might be completely incompatible with your ideals, beliefs, principles and values. I like sharing my experiences and hearing feedback- that's cool.
I do not pretend to have 'figured it all out'. But I do believe that I'm stressing my systems and forcing them to adapt using proven methods and techniques. Even so, I know that there's a coin flip of a chance between success and failure. I believe in chance and luck and karma and having a bad day and having a great day, and chaos, and having little or no control over things like crashes, Illness, tendonitis, IT bands, Saddle sores, the weather, a flat tire, gravel in a corner..
The one thing I can control is the frequency, duration and intensity of my training, when all of the above is favorable, that is..
If I choose to do a sloppy job of managing the few things I AM able to control, then I have no business being on a podium anywhere, and I have no excuse to piss and moan about missing the podium either.
Ride and train with a purpose. If this is too hard for you, then refrain from professing about how to train.. unless you enjoy indoctrinating an audience on matters which you yourself don't take very seriously. 


gewilli said...

*big grin*

Murat! I read this with a big grin. You get it.

To each his own is true.

Each's own should be able to withstand any barrage the peanut gallery tosses at it.

If your own can't withstand a critical attack. Maybe then, ya need to re-evaluate.

But, look. You doing good. You gets it.

But i still wonder if i should put up a picture of my $5 hammer next to my bro's $250 hammer to fire yet one last volley from the peanut gallery...

*big grin*

You doing alright my friend, you doing alright!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

murat and futureatist up a tree. k i s s i n g. hehehe