America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Thursday, December 31, 2009

There is no children's bike shop.. downtown East Greenwich on Main Street..

Stay tuned..
Murat reminds you: Keeping promises to yourself is the best anti-depressant ever, and there is no pill to reverse the regret of not trying your best. Hopefully you do not require such relief for 2009 and may you rip the legs off of 2010 in all regards.
Happy New Year everyone.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from Bisikletci

2009 GP of Cross Day 2 (Goddard Park):
If you want to join me on any of my epic winter weekend rides, reach out to me at: murat at weebike dot com. Come on, it's time! 90 mile rides in January pay huge dividends in May.
Also, I am offering a $5 store credit to those who register at Use it towards one of our many wool undergarments, base layers and tights. (I'm wearing the tights right now- they are the perfect breathable base layer under my work clothing) Anyway.. I update accounts once a day so please allow 24 hours for your $5 store credit to appear. This is the same merino wool that old Solobreak and the entire M1 Racing-WeeBIKE and ArcenCiel Racing Teams are using.
Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still on the Good side of 170..

My BMI has been steadily declining for the past 4 winters.. 185.. 178..173.. and now, 168..
Is 2010 the year when I break the physical/mental/power threshold of 160 pounds? Very good things will happen if I can make this so. The twice weekly Spinning classes combined with the 4-5 hour rides on the weekends, are working.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Spinning Bike for Grandma?

Problem: My mother in law is 5'-3 and 200 pounds. She has been steadily gaining weight ever since her knee problems surfaced, which not only cause her severe pain, it also prevents her from engaging in any of the kinds of activities which would light the fuse on some weight loss. Coupled with her extremely slow movement to both prevent further injury and to avoid falling down, we have some badly under-utilized and weakened leg muscles and a metabolism that's slowed to a crawl.
Solution: Good friend of mine in the woodworking business was lucky enough to be acquainted to Chris Hinds and back in the day, he bought a nice LeMond spinning bike from Providence Bicycle. It hasn't seen much use and so my friend is offering it to me to borrow or buy for a good price and my hope is that I will be able to take this home and get Grandma into a low impact program of sweatin' to the oldies. (It's in the back of my minivan right now!) She needs surgery on one of the joints, but the Doctor refuses to do it until she drops significant pounds, or else the repairs will not last.
Hopefully this is going to work. She's not quite 60 yet and it's time for an intervention of sorts. Thoughts?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quickly quickly

I'm done with the "Spinning" classes at the Kent County YMCA, seriously. The trainers are fun-lovable and all, but when I recently asked the alpha-in-charge instructor about being a substitute instructor [for free] I was given a boatload of bullshit such as "you would need to apprentice with me for a few classes". Fuck. Coming from this person, this is quite an insult because s/he sucks at instructing spinning class, and uses the worst possible music ever. When I offered to do some private classes this person had the nerve to inform me that my guests would be required to pay $25 to $30 each for the privilege of using their cramped smelly spin room, which definitely violates life safety codes. Why is insulting my intelligence so fashionable? Sometimes I play the fool to avoid intimidating people, and they are so easily fooled that I should be on broadway I guess.. Back when there was an awesome Union Velo spin class at the Attleboro YMCA, all we had to pay for the private class was $5 each. So I'm contemplating writing an e-mail to this person with words designed to injure, but my calm gentle nurturing demeanor prevails. I could remind them that I donated about $6000 worth of brand new cabinetry to them early this spring, but that would be wrong.. Yes I am indeed a certified Spinning instructor- I took an all day class and read a manual. It's not rocket science, and besides, if you have hundreds of hours of indoor intervals under your belt and understand about perceived exertion and heart rate zones, you are already 1/2 way there.. There's more to it of course- technique, hand positions, music selection, an ability to inspire people to suffer. Oh well. My new Spinning class is the Bally's North Providence. After tonight's excellent workout (I felt like I could rip the cranks right of the bike tonight, after recovering from the torture which NBX GP of Cross put me through this past weekend) I went to the front desk and asked for an application. I won't deny that Bally's has a lot more eye candy and that people seem to go there as much to ogle each other as to work out, but the hormonal surges which are induced undoubtedly make people push a little bit harder, and help them do that extra repetition. Well I 'm way off into the weeds again. All I really wanted to tell you is that NBX toughened the shit out of me and pretty much lit the fuse of my 2010 training plan. I rode like a man possessed in my Spinning class tonight. If you have never tried a Spinning class, it's much like a cross race in duration and intensity, except that you're riding a fixed gear and enjoying the sweaty cleavage and exposed tramp stamps which surround you. Just sayin'.. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 05, 2009 now offers Merino Wool Base Layers by HASYUN

I think it's a notable improvement over last year: I completed both NBX 35+ elite races this weekend and avoided crashing, avoided being lapped on day 2 and avoided finishing last both days. On day one I was disappointingly lapped pretty darn close to seeing 1 to go, and only by the top 6 finishers.. Coming from a crit rider who never touches his 5 year old clunker of a cross bike in between cross races, that's something to feel good about. I do this for fun and to stay sharp in the winter, that's it. Okay maybe so does everyone else.. I just tend to do it poorly.
One of these short sleeve merino wool base layers pictured below occupies my wardrobe for the past 3 years. It has been machine washed about 25 times and improperly thrown into the dryer at least 1/2 dozen times. It shows a little bit of wear but it's as comfortable as ever- today I used it as my 2nd skin underneath my long sleeve jersey at the NBX Cross race at Goddard Park. Retail price is only $29.95. You can buy these from me at It's not the fanciest web site around selling this kind of product, but that's why it only costs you $30 instead of $60. Your support makes it possible for to sponsor three elite racing teams. Below there is a wealth of information relative to the merits of merino wool apparel. Thanks for reading.


WHY WOOL? Wool is a natural, sustainable and biodegradable resource.

ODOR FREE Wool is antimicrobial. Due to superior wicking, absorbing and moisture evaporation, odor causing bacteria is defeated.

TEMPERATURE REGULATION Wool fibers have tiny pockets of air which provide a buffering layer of natural climate control.

BREATHABILITY Only wool dissipates sweat from the skin immediately as a vapor, keeping you dry and comfortable.

RENEWABLE Harvesting wool uses much less energy than is takes to make fossil-fuel dependent, man made synthetics.

WHY MERINO WOOL? Merino Wool is the most comfortable fiber you can put against your skin!

NO SHRINKING Merino wool does not shrink when properly cared for. Machine washed and sensibly dried wool gets softer and more comfortable.

NO ITCHING Merino wool is prized for it’s fine micron diameter and owes it’s light and airy feel to this distinction. Inferior itch causing wools should be avoided.

4 SEASON FUNCTIONALITY Merino Wool is comfortable in a wider range of temperatures and activities than any other fabric.

HEALTH BENEFITS Merino Wool is comfortable, but wearing it is a healthy choice too!

ALLERGIES Wool’s long fibers don’t stick out to give you that prickle effect. Wool is hypoallergenic. A wool allergy is rare, when existent, is caused by lanolin, a natural coating on the fiber.

BODY TEMPERATURE Wool releases heat better than synthetics, improving body temperature regulation. Lower heat retention helps you to work harder for longer.

NATURAL FIBER Wool’s completely natural moisture management system ensures your skin stays healthy, by removing sweat from the skin’s surface before it condenses into a liquid.

FLAME RETARDANT The wool fiber outperforms all other common textile fibers in terms of fire resistance. Wool is difficult to ignite and never melts, so it can’t stick to the skin like synthetics do when they burn.

WOOL CARE Wool is a very durable material which will outlast all other inferior types, with proper care.

HAND WASHING TIPS Hand washing is not necessary, but is encouraged because it improves the life span of your garment. To wash, use a mild detergent in lukewarm water and then rinse with cool water. Gently squeeze to remove soap and excess water. Never wring your wool garments while washing or rinsing.

MACHINE WASHING TIPS For most wool garments, use the gentle cycle with cold or warm water with a mild non bleach detergent. Powdered soaps should be dissolved completely before adding your garments.

DRYING TIPS Drying wool garments properly will preserve their size, shape and feel. After washing, lay flat or hang to dry. Wool apparel tends to dry more quickly than any other fabric.