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Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Mystic Velo Criterium Results

Sorry this is all I had time to get..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's time get crackalakin..

I have no training program and no list of "A" races, and so it's understandably hard to get motivated for training. The good things I have going for me are a solid base of fitness and 10 days of "rest" (no riding). How can I craft this opportunity into a successful June and July? Racing at Mystic today after 10 days off was not easy, but when is racing ever easy? Still it was encouraging to finish the crit strongly when it mattered. For what it's worth.. I was expecting to have great difficulty, but faith in myself is restored to some extent. The Pro race which followed the 35 race was too much for me- the loss of fitness seems to be primarily endurance- I was too fatigued to do more than 15 minutes of the pro race, but that was averaging some eye popping speeds for several consecutive laps. A lot of guys fell apart and quit. I'm optimistic about the many crits coming up this summer. The spring racing is officially over I think. It's a long season ahead of us.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Mystic Velo Criterium

It's going to be an interesting day of racing for me tomorrow. Success will be measured by the frequency with which I taste puke. When was the Blue Hills Classic? Two weeks ago? That was the last time I raced and since that day, I have ridden to work a couple of times. Today marks the 10th day that I have not touched the bike. If I go to Ninigret Park tomorrow and race, you will find me tail-gunning at the back of the field, probably with teeth clenched as I give it everything I have. Then afterwards, I'll probably do the pro race for good measure. The fatigue of home buying is so much more than I imagined (this time).. Anticipating the day we close and all of the thought, the fretting, the research, the money needed.. All of these things have made it impossible to have the time, the desire or the strength to train. Wish me luck tomorrow- it will hopefully be the beginning of my next three week build.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Want to ruin everything?

If you’re interested in wasting/ruining months worth of physical training, lowering your performance at work, increasing your stress and blood pressure to unhealthy levels, or hanging on to your sanity by a thread while being thrown around emotionally like a red-headed step-child.. BUY SOME REAL ESTATE!!!



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting is Torture

We are at our wits end this week. The goal of making an offer to purchase a home, is to close the deal and get the keys, right?. We have been engaged in this process since February. Closing is supposed to happen Friday! BUT it's still not finalized or scheduled. We're dying 1000 deaths in anticipation. The amount of energy this requires is nothing short of immense.

Add to this the stress of selling millions of dollars of contracts- or I should say- the REQUIREMENT of making these sales- while my job hangs in the balance, and you have another ingredient necessary for a nervous breakdown. Contractors are in no hurry to make buying decisions, and again, the burden on me to continue performing while I wait, is impossibly difficult. Imagine a photo finish at Nationals, where you're required to start the next race while the officials decide if you're the winner. Concentration and focus escape me. Understandably I think..

Top it all off with the inability to train on the bike properly for the past couple of weeks due to the paralysis of waiting and it's clear that lighting my fuse is not a good idea right now.

All I need is one win at work and to close on this house and I can get back to feeling human again.
God help us.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Reset Button

Okay last week was a bust for training- all I did was the Blue Hills RR, and poorly at that. I’m bike commuting this week, and already logged 108 miles in the past 40 hours. Now I think about tonight’s training race at Ninigret and seriously don’t feel like doing it. I hit it hard last night on the ride home, and this morning I can really feel the soreness in my legs. I will probably drive home tonight, skip Ninigret, and resume training tomorrow after work. Sterling RR is this weekend- a race I’ve never tried. I’ll go if the mood strikes, but would prefer to keep my money and do a couple of longish training rides instead. One other option is to go to NYC for a couple of crits, but Saturday’s has a 6:30 start time- Prospect Park. Sunday is the Tour de Parc in Wantagh- a race I did last year with Alain- load of fun on a great course which apparently used to be used for Masters Nationals.

In case you thought it couldn’t be done, I just installed my rear license plate to my new Land Cruiser using VELCRO around the entire perimeter. Previous owner did a horrific job of removing his plate- he ripped it off and effectively destroyed the left hand plate boss- there’s now a gaping hole. The right hand boss has the bolt snapped off in there. I started out by hanging the plate temporarily using speaker wire. Now [with Velcro] it’s so secure I don’t think I can ever remove it without slitting between the Velcro with a sharp knife. I’m going to press my luck and leave the front one off- I’ll keep it in the car. So far so good- my 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser has not disappointed me. The A/C blows ice cold and the suspension is as smooth as a Cadillac. There’s an aftermarket radio and really hokey aftermarket speakers in the doors. They will all be replaced with OEM replacements. I already found the original radio on Ebay- it plays cassettes and CDs. The speakers will be a little tougher to find. I also need to figure out how to drop the spare tire which is clamped underneath the vehicle. There’s a port where you’re supposed to insert a crank and screw it until it descends to the floor. I have a feeling it’s all frozen up same as my previous Toyota pick-up. I ended up cutting away the rusted mechanism with a sawz-all. I’d really rather not have a 275-70R16 wheel in the back of my new truck though. Now that I own this monster, commuting to work by bike is a lot more cost-effective. I think the 60 mile round trip will cost me four gallons of gas. That’s $12 a day! Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 03, 2010

2010 Blue Hills Classic

You know how some guys in New England give you "negative draft"? Such is my race report on Blue Hills. It won't be long before you ask yourself what you're doing here when there are so many more engaging race reports to read..
Let's begin with excuses: it was a highly stressful week, what with the house we're buying, shopping for a new car, career challenges, and no training whatsoever for six days straight.. Needless to say, my head was fixatedupon upon simply surviving and finishing when I lined up Sunday morning. A slow leak in my front 404 required me to take a wheel before starting. Somehow I forgot to take a short sleeve jersey, but was glad to have grabbed a long sleeve one in case it was needed. I got a little warm while racing, but it wasn't too bad.
Fast forward to the final lap (first 5 laps I just sat-in and tried to judge how I felt after 6 days off the bike) bottom of the hill I started looking for opportunities to move up, and did. 1/4 way up the whole field swung right abd the door opened for me to get right to the front, which I did, but not without a nice push from some wise guy who is presumed to have a low opinion of one who sits in all day and moves up with 1k2go. Okay I get it. I'm up there hoping to help Alain or Matt or Adam, that is all. Long story short, I went to the front for 15 seconds, burned the one match I had and shut it down the last 1/4 mile, to finish almost DFL.
Now there's 2 minutes you're never going to see again. Sorry about that.
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