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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everyone needs to vent

It's no surprise that I have taken a new interest in blogging now that 311 friends are gone from my life. Let's be honest.. 8 out of 10 FB friends have you "turned off" as a more polite way of getting rid of you.. In my case, about 1/2 of them don't get what I'm saying because English is their 2nd language. So maybe there were 30 people altogether who took a genuine interest and who understood any of what I was saying. Fuck 'em- they can all come here occasionally to see how I'm doing. Seriously though I am really considering to limit my new FB account to people who I have had an actual face to face conversation with. Mutual friend? Unless you're a hottie with a nice rack expect your friend request to be ignored.
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More Facebook fun

Well I encourage everyone to really tighten up security on their Facebook accounts. I fell into the habit of accepting friend requests from anyone whose profile showed them doing sports or who had a bunch of mutual friends. What a fucking joke Facebook has turned out to be. They have been notified 15 different ways that I have lost control of my account and that the offender has changed all my contact info, and each time I am given an assurance that facebook will send me an e-mail at least acknowlwdging that I reported a problem. So far, I have received absolutely nothing. Earlier today I sent a message to my old account saying basically "hey you stole my account give it back". I received a reply in Turkish saying "who the hell are you?". It sounds funny but it's not. This parasite has unfettered access to all my photos, pages, and friends.. And no one at Facebook has given me even the slightest indication that they give a squirt of piss about it. It will be the same for you if it ever happens, so use those new security features which they keep reminding you about every time you log in. Don't let yourself be violated like this.
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New license!

Paid my 2011 USAC dues yesterday so I can race a criterium in Ft Lauderdale on 2/6. Are the Latinos going to kick my ass or what? I hear they are fast year round.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook account stolen

Apparently there are people hacking Facebook accounts and then chatting with contacts and asking them for money, pretending to be you, of course. Today I was kicked off of a bicycling forum in Turkey (DO NOT join this forum- they are a bunch of self hating wanna be a cyclist Turks- how can they possibly like YOU or refrain from insane jealousy of everything you worked your whole life to get?) for some kind of TOS violation (I posted a link to one of my Ebay auctions where I was selling a bike- oh my!) Coincidentally, My yahoo, gmail and facebook accounts were all lost to me within an hour. I recovered yahoo and gmail thanks to security questions and such, but Facebook account is still wild. I have no access and no control of it whatsoever. Whoever this parasite is, they deleted all of my yahoo and gmail emails, and I also see that they also deleted my whole contact list on ebay except for a few family members, unless they just changed the public profile settings. What a piece of shit. Expecting to receive a well deserved "I told you so" from my new teammate.. Anyway, it would help me if you went to my old profile and clicked the "REPORT" link at the bottom left and indicate that I am being impersonated. Facebook is slow to respond to my multiple requests for help. Here is the link to my hijacked profile.
And if I come crying to you via fb chat or message saying that I am stuck somewhere and penniless and need you to send me money, please don't send a penny.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WeeBIKE-Hasyun Racing on the new SST 1.0

The team was sized up for the new FUJI team bikes on Saturday at Quad Cycles. We will be racing on the 2011 FUJI SST 1.0 which weighs a whopping 15.1 pounds equipped with carbon wheels and Shimano Dura Ace grouppo.. We're very impressed by the quality of this bike and encourage you to find your nearest dealer and take one for a test ride. All cables are internally routed for a very clean and aero finish. There is an I-Beam rib (RIB-Tech) inside of the high modulus D6 carbon frameset and fork tubes. It's the top shelf bike you have been looking for, available in three different price points: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0- the most affordable of which is light enough and stiff enough to use in an NRC criterium, all day long. If you're in the Boston area, please make a visit to Rustem at Quad Cycles in Arlington. They have the Fujis and the Hasyun merino wool base layers for you to check out and they will help you make the correct buying decision.
Hasyun merino wool base layers are now also stocked at Providence Bicycle. Please pay them a visit when you're in the Ocean State.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 hour road ride..

..Or equivalent. Lately I am leaning more toward the benefits of riding indoors for longer durations. For one, it's just plain safer. It also takes a lot less time to get ready and dressed. Typical winter road ride includes frequent stops- to meet up, to pee, to eat, to fix flats.. It is never a contiguous 3 hours of pedaling. Since you're usually in a group, you're also not working very hard, if at all, 80-90 percent of the time. You end up doing a lot of coasting- sometimes because of downhills, sometimes because you're in the paceline and the pace is slow.
Here's a solution: get on the trainer, spin 100+ rpm for 2 hours straight, never stop pedaling. Today I pegged my heartrate in the 165-175, kept the watts in the 175-195 range and felt pretty torched at the end. A 3 hour road ride would have been more enjoyable for sure, but much less efficient. I guess I'll be mixing it up a bit this winter. Doing 3 hours solo on the road is torture, and sometimes it forces you to work too hard because you need to keep warm!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Road bike stuff for sale

LOOK KG486 carbon frameset and headset.
Dura Ace 7800:
170mm cranks
Rear derailleur
Front derailleur
Brake calipers
Bottom bracket (only one year old)
EC90 all carbon seatpost
EC90 carbon stem
Tempest 2 clincher wheelset (one rear spoke is pulling through- needs re-build, and front bearings are worn, 1500 gms for the pair)
Size large clip on aero handlebars
Ergomo Pro bottom bracket (one bolt is broken off- good for parts)
Crank Brothers egg beater pedals (this is the better version)
Ultegra cranks 172.5mm (only one year old)
Mavic GP4 front tubular wheel with Campy hub
Louis Garneau Rocket Time Trial helmet (blue, small never used- in box)
Bontrager Powertap RaceXlite clincher wheelset (everything you need- wired version of Powertap)

Inquire at if interested. Make a reasonable offer or the stuff is all hitting Ebay very shortly.
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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi there it seems that I took a month off from blogging but in reality it was just a really busy time for me with the Christmastime surge in demand for merino wool apparel. We had a pretty good year in 2010 and we're grateful to everyone who took a chance on our products. Feedback has been nothing but positive! I've been training pretty regularly for the past few weeks, keeping the weight off and actually expecting to be on the good side of 160 in a week or two. Who knows maybe I'm just two shits away from the mark, but I doubt it because my portion control has been pretty good lately and I don't feel bloated. Could this be the year that my fighting weight goes under 150? Very possible if I drop two pounds a month from now through July. A few seasons back when I re-committed myself to train and race, I was a very steady 185-190 and remember how hard it was to throw a leg over the trainer when I didn't feel like a bike racer- I felt more like an obese out-of-shape has-been with little or no hope of achieving the form that's necessary to win or even crack a top ten result. Those days of training were the hardest. Beginning again, creating momentum. I'm glad those early days are behind me and that I'm blessed enough to be able to follow through with what I've started and make my mark. Taking 10 years off the bike (1991-2001) did not put me in a good place relative to health and fitness. I dabbled with racing in 2001.. again in 2003 (I was a regular at the old Lincoln Crit) and finally committed to being as successful as I possibly could, in 2005. Five contiguous seasons of racing and 30+ pounds later, my stubborn determination has started to pay big dividends and 2011 is looking pretty awesome too, from where I'm standing. Thanks for reading.