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Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 Michael Schott Memorial 35+

Full Results are up on Bikereg
Okay this sort of turns my crank.. I just checked the results and it appears that the other 14 guys who "did not finish" get to remain anonymous. When did quitting become more honorable than finishing (or trying your best to finish?) Lame.

Another podium for Millwork One Racing: Matt Kressy is 2nd in the field sprint out of a full field in Marblehead. Needless to say the team is proud and honored to have Matt fighting to win races for us and we all share his good result even though we're just riding his coat tails. I had an unlucky day: a pre-race nature break combined with tinkering with new, untested equipment cost me the start and had me chasing a charging field solo for one lap before I sat up and waited for the them to come around so I could jump in. Then my rear hub started squealing like a pig whenever I coasted for more than 5 seconds. Worse things could have happened I guess and it was a good day overall for the team. I'm glad to have had an easy time motorpacing in the field- but once you're down a lap there's little reason to turn yourself inside out, especially with a potentially deadly mechanical issue.

Below I give you the series of photos showing the finishing sprint of the 35+ field. (courtesy of David Rizzo- see his slideshow above) It's evident in the last few pictures that I crossed the line a half hearted 18th, knowing that there was no free lap. In fairness- I did indeed turn myself inside out for the first lap while most people were sucking wheel and soft pedaling.. Oh well.. Wouldn't have mattered anyway.. The mechanical issue made it impossible for me to leave it all out there.


JoeB said...

How was the wind? yeeesh!!

Matt S said...

Wondered why I saw you TT'ing it 20sec after the roll out....figured you missed the start. We 9pedros) raced the P123 race. Was FAST and WINDY. yes - you should have been off the front, bummer of a start, you have fitness.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Thanks man.. yeah I feel good. Not that I went to the front at all, but it was ridiculously easy to sit-in and motorpace. I saw people around me who were about to puke..
Hehe. You saw me in panic mode during an adrenaline rush.. I came across the causeway with a tailwind, probably doing 40 mph- almost crashing into cars which were stopped at the intersection. I got onto the course and the field was about 15 seconds away, and accelerating, while I was fading from my 120% effort. Yeah it sucked. So your entire team did the Pro race? We had one of our boys in there- he's not 35 yet. See you at Chris Hinds Saturday? Weather looks sloppy.

solobreak said...

How come we haven't seen any pictures of your ugly, hairy feet on the scale lately? How's progress? Inquiring minds want to know.

Murat Altinbasak said...

For your information, my feet are good enough that I could model them if I wanted to..
To answer your inquiry, I am firmly in the 168-169 range. If I'm bloated I can hit 170, but I check every morning and 6 days out of 7, I'm under 168-169.
The goal is 159-1/2 by June. I'm still watching portions- eating only until I'm "no longer hungry". That means sometimes leaving food on the plate..
It would really be a mental after-burner for me to get there. I was racing at about 150 pounds when I was 20..