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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Year to date stuff

Update to this post- this blog needs some cool music. I dig this song, so play it.

I like to look and see where I stand every so often. It could be argued that I've ridden and trained enough this year to be ripping people's legs off.. well.. that will happen in due time. I had an inadvertant mini peak in late May, right around the time I fell down at Wells Avenue. Fortunately, this incident caused me to slow down and take some rest, just in time to ramp up and aim for a new, higher peak in late August. That's what I'm gunning for, and my current fatigue is expected to dissipate in a couple of weeks after I go on holiday the last week of July. Just 10 more days of winding the spring and then we'll begin to let it unwind. A trusted source of training wisdom said it best when he told me "the house is all framed, now all you need to add are the finishing touches." Let's see if this training plan is successful. There are just a couple of people helping to show me the way, and I appreciate it immensely. Now if only I can get out of my own way with 1k2go.. My recent crash at the finish of Attleboro was pretty horrible- bike is totaled and my courage/trust of those riding near/in front of me, is at an all time low. This does not make for successful finishes to races. The best sounding advice I've received recently- attack at one to go and don't look back. Worst case, the strongest few will catch up to you and you can hang on to their coat-tails for a decent top five.. I'm liking the sound of that- my most advanced duration relative to power is in the 60-90 second range. I've managed 630 watts for a full minute, which translates to 9w/kg- the only zone on my chart that places me in the Cat 2 bracket. Anyway- the stats below indicate 312 hourrs of riding about 5335 miles (about 8550 km) That's more than the distance which I will be flying to Istanbul on Monday. Cool.
Here are the races I am planning to do after I return:
Concord Criterium, Witch's Cup, Fall River Criterium, Chris Thater Criterium, Topsfield RR, Portsmouth Criterium and finally, the Mayor's Cup Criterium. Yeah when you look at it, we're really only 1/2 way through the road season. There's even Jamestown in October, if one were so inclined.
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