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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day three: Lube for the Stiffness

Okay, minds out of the gutter! My shoulder and forearm REALLY HURT when I try to move them around too much. The road rash is slowly drying out, developing scabs around the perimeter.. limiting range of movement.. If I force it, the scabs and regrown skin crack and cause an insane amount of pain. So this SurgiLube stuff will hopefully help me with this, and keep the bandages from sticking. I bought a case of 144 little convenience packets for $12, and another case of 100 of the 3" x 4" non stick pads from the surgical supply store in Cranston.. I'm at work again, trying to be productive.. wondering if I can heal in time for the YMCA Crit and the Jamestown Classic on October 6-7.. How much form can I hang onto until then? Maybe a 5 day break from the bike will recharge the batteries a bit, make me miss it a little. Need to change the tire on my bike and I can't do it with these busted up fingers and knuckles.  

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nhrider said...


My sympathies. I was motor pacing a FedX truck this July going down hill at 45 mph when he missed his turn and hit the brakes. I hit the back of his truck and then the road really hard. I had a concusion and road rash but luckily not as bad as you. That hurts just to look at it. Anything broken?