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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Missing: One bike racer's mojo.. Reward if found.

I skipped riding on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but I got myself back on track for commuting this afternoon with a chilly 12 mile ride home. Tomorrow morning's ride to work will have me cursing the change of seasons, I'm sure. It's become painfully evident that when I'm sick and tired of riding my bike and consciously stay away from it for a few days, that I develop symptoms of depression, self hate and withdrawel.. Leave it to Murat to turn a healthy and fun activity into a destructive dependency. I can't tell anymore if I'm chasing something or running away from it.


team sam said...


Team Sam is worried, PLEASE put your cross bike together, come down to old mountain field tonight. I promise you'll have a smile on your face in no time.
Chin up Bukaroo!

Il Bruce said...

Don't push it buddy.

It's effin autumn. Take as long a break as you think you need.

Enjoy your little boy. He won't be little for long.

Build a model.

Go shooting (I told you Turkey is becoming a world leader in high quality airguns).

Recharge. I am just now getting antsy to ride.

GeWilli said...

bruce speaks wise words...

you've been going at a wicked high intensity for a long time, no?

hang up the bikes, cut back on the food (eat very small quantities of really tasty stuff) and hang with the family...

build that bond with your kid that you had with your dad, really as in forget the bike racing work on that bond kind of stuff...

Murat Altinbasak said...

Here's the problem- if I let down my guard and become inactive for a week or more, the weight starts to pile on. I can't let that happen, and I do a lousy job of controlling my intake. Not terrible, but lousy. It's really true that I use biking as an anti-depressant. When I stop I feel like crap. I'm also prone to Seasonal affective disorder. Seriously. It messes me up. I'm feeling better lately though..
and I WILL get the cross bike fixed. It needs a frog leg repaired/replaced and three spokes in the rear wheel, and a new chain, new cassette and two new tires/tubes. Need to get it to the bike shop tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mountain bike is a great change of pace. No wind -no cold. New pace go hard or easy. I find it a great change of pace and you could not get me on a moutain bike two years ago.

Il Bruce said...

Right ther ewith ya on the weight and SAD.

I have been drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and walking 25-30 minutes at lunch. I have actually been losing a bit of weight.

Go for a walk before supper with the boy. Hit the rollers for an easy 30.

But most of all come drink beers with us on the 19th.

solobreak said...

I read your sad post and for once I had nothing to say. However, being the kind, nurturing, caring, benevolent fuck that I am, I put on my thinking cap (actually it's Credit Agricole, in honor of the finance business' woes this week) and went to work. Then it came to me.

You took Saturday and Sunday off the bike. Then you went out on Tuesday in the freezing cold to ride the streets of Warwick at rush hour. No wonder you hate cycling. There are ways to make cycling enjoyable. Try them.

PS - If you start gaining huge weight after only a week off the bike, you have more than S.A.D. or a cycling problem. You rode 20 hours/week all summer and still have a ughhh, "sprinter's build." Easy on the food you fat fuck.


Murat Altinbasak said...

lmao- I feel like Larry David's agent, always being called a fat fuck.. by his wife. Funny stuff if you have HBO..
Anywho.. I don't eat a ton, really. I have a bowl of Raisin Bran in the morning. I have a modest portion of sushi or a salad at lunch, and I eat a reasonable dinner, with occasional 2nd helpings of protein. Last season I didn't train this much or eat as carefully and I got down to 164 somehow. This season I can't get under 174 and the training volume is at least 50% more than 2007. Maybe I should get my thyroid checked out. My wife takes a pill called Synthroid because her thyroid is not doing it's job. Maybe I pop some of those and things change for me. Who knows?
Btw, only the first 20 minutes of my commute are on busy Cranston roads, then it's 25 minutes on the bike path. I don't hate cycling, bro.

GeW said...

what are you drinking? soda? beer? DD milk and sugar with coffee flavor?

calories are coming from somewhere,

be comfortable with being hungry, embrace the hunger...

it is your friend...