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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post 527: A wet weekend in store at Wrentham?

The new Michelin tires I bought for my cross bike are for muddy conditions. (They're called "Mud3" or something.. Should I break them in on Saturday at Wrentham? I still need a rear wheel though.. Even if I use my pristine Easton wheel from the road bike, the cassette on there is an 11-23. How will that work on the Wrentham course? Should I pre-register? Decisions, decisions.. Should I do the 1-2-3 race or the Masters 1-2-3? Both? What better way to prove how much I suck at cross, than to prove it to you twice in one day??
Note to self: Self-depracation is intended to completely remove any and all expectations of a top result, which could otherwise harmfully cause me to feel pressured and required to perform, thusly removing all of the fun from participation. If I have one secret goal, it's to avoid being lapped. How hard could that be?


gewilli said...

(re: cog size) what size are your chain rings?
if you have a 46-36 then a 11-23 will be fine, if you can't ride up something in the 36-23 get off and run. That said with your massive mad watt legs 46x23 shouldn't be much of a problem grinding over the little rises there.

most people run a 26-27...

you'll want some grip in the corners in the grass even if it isn't wet, esp if you are running clinchers. Tubulars you can get away with the file treads ala Pimpin-strellos (grifo XS) run the new michelins, why not?

Pre-reg for the masters race, then if you feel like it add the 1/2/3 day of (or preferably after the first race incase you decide you would rather drink beer and watch people try and ride the log).


pre-reg and show up, it'll be a hoot

Murat Altinbasak said...

Done. I'm in like Flynn.