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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Note to self:

Burn-out at work causes burn-out on the bike.

I did a spin class last night after work and basically had to fake my way through and use less resistance than I was supposed to. Couldn’t wait for it to end, because walking out would be too embarrassing.

Dear wife was just diagnosed with Lyme disease, which explains a few things. Now I wonder if I have it too somehow, though it’s not known to be contagious.

My back has been killing me for months. I’m in the care of a chiropractor. An x-ray taken a month ago showed my spine curved sideways from my tailbone up. Looks like the kind of trauma that would be caused by being hit by a car from the left. (ie July 2006 when I was hit)

I’m registered for the Mayor’s Cup but I have very little time to tune myself up. The goal is to hopefully hang in there and tail-gun it to the finish. I have to try, no matter what.

Maybe skipping the racing this weekend and a couple of long zone rides followed by good food and quality rest will get me out of this rut. Good 4-5 hour rides always seem to precede my best results this season.

Pilates tonight at the Y. Should I go? I can ride there I guess, then ride home after. Or not. Fatigue and stress has me cross-eyed.

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solobreak said...

Hey that sucks about Ebru and the lyme. Hope she gets over it quickly. It was cool seeing your son riding at Ninigret. No pictures?

You are suffering from what is known as burnout. I seem to recall discussing this back in January...

Brendan said...

Hey...whats going on? I got pretty burnt out this year so I've put a pause on riding and switched to running a bit. I'm psyched to go running during the week and I've slowly been getting back my motivation for riding on the weekend. I feel way better about pretty much everything once I realized I was getting burnt out. Hopefully I can get some late season cross stuff in.

bigCrank said...

i wouldn't be so down. i'm a longtime reader. you've been pretty much riding since january. couple that with a job and family, and everyone is gonna burn out. i typically take some time off in the summer and find that helps me get to september. now is time to recharge again. if i ride it is easy or maybe go off roading.