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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook account stolen

Apparently there are people hacking Facebook accounts and then chatting with contacts and asking them for money, pretending to be you, of course. Today I was kicked off of a bicycling forum in Turkey (DO NOT join this forum- they are a bunch of self hating wanna be a cyclist Turks- how can they possibly like YOU or refrain from insane jealousy of everything you worked your whole life to get?) for some kind of TOS violation (I posted a link to one of my Ebay auctions where I was selling a bike- oh my!) Coincidentally, My yahoo, gmail and facebook accounts were all lost to me within an hour. I recovered yahoo and gmail thanks to security questions and such, but Facebook account is still wild. I have no access and no control of it whatsoever. Whoever this parasite is, they deleted all of my yahoo and gmail emails, and I also see that they also deleted my whole contact list on ebay except for a few family members, unless they just changed the public profile settings. What a piece of shit. Expecting to receive a well deserved "I told you so" from my new teammate.. Anyway, it would help me if you went to my old profile and clicked the "REPORT" link at the bottom left and indicate that I am being impersonated. Facebook is slow to respond to my multiple requests for help. Here is the link to my hijacked profile.
And if I come crying to you via fb chat or message saying that I am stuck somewhere and penniless and need you to send me money, please don't send a penny.

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Patrick Barnaby said...

Hey Bisikletci my account was stolen but I got every thing back in five days I was lucky thou that all the emails were permanetly deleted they were in the bin and the spam folder to cut a long story short I got back every thing. I got back my original email linked back to my Facebook account plus I got back my original Username.