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Monday, June 23, 2008

Whaling City Cyclone Crit

35+ race had about 30 starters, 19 finishers. Someone lapped the field solo. Lap card said 2 to go but it suddenly ENDED with one to go. No bell was rung. I'm really pissed off about this because I came across the line 12th expecting to move up over the course of the next 6 corners. It would have been an easy 2nd or 3rd place for me. What a waste. and what a GREAT crit course. DO NOT miss this event next year!
30+ race had ten starters. They announce that we're racing for nothing but primes. Not even a results list would be posted. I went as hard as I could from the gun and four laps later I was done. Felt like an idiot racing against 9 guys, legs were thrashed as it is, plus a 40 mile Pro-Am race was to follow.
The Pro-Am race was suddenly swollen with tons of "day of" people, including Jeremy Powers, Robbie King, both McCormacks, etc etc. I had great position for about 6 laps, but then the legs were thinking: 60 more laps, 6 corners each, that's 360 more accelerations. Go home before you pull something, hurt yourself, crash, cramp up, or develop an overuse injury. I basically knew I didn't have it in me to finish. So I watched the rest of the race, as Gavin Mannion and Robbie King lapped the field, Mark M and his chase group almost lapped the field (Mark was 5th finisher).
Six crits in two days is a lot of TSS for a 37 year old..
I will re-think my Attleboro/New Britain weekend, where my pre-reg is similar..
On deck for this next weekend: four crits. I think I'll be okay for them, but I may skip one of the Cox Crits to favor the legs at Keith Berger on Sunday. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I was also there for the ct race weekend. They DID ring the bell at new london 35+ If you really believe you would have been an "easy 2nd or 3rd", you're delusional. ruane lapped the field and david potter from halamore was solo behind ruane. another 2 riders were off the front for the last lap and may not have been caught by the sprinting field. ithink the field sprint was for 4th place. but you would have been "any easy 2nd or 3rd". it was a good race weekend in ct but you should really think before you type. don't be a moront.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Please put your name where your mouth is before insulting me. Yeah, I know that Potter was chasing, and I know that Ruane lapped the field. Yeah, I wrote with some confidence. Get over that too, or get lost. I will type whatever the hell I want, you don't have to come here, especially not to defecate, especially if it's going to be anonymous. Confront me in person, coward. You're right, I am delusional, because I am answering a fucking nobody.