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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Monday, September 29, 2008

Seven Days to Re-center

I rode the bike home from work today, after a full seven days of much overdue rest. More accurately, I really needed to focus on matters at work without distraction. I hate to say it, but driving instead of riding, helped. It's a hassle to juggle cars (I keep a car at work at all times), juggle apparel for work and for riding, making sure not to forget car keys, phone, wallet etc. Today I grabbed the bike and all my stuff, drove to work, and at 6 O'clock, I rode home. Powered up both blinkies- I have a white one and a red one, but I must get myself a high beam headlight ASAP. I recall last winter that riding home in the dark was kind of fun, for whatever reason. Maybe because it reminds me of the times I used to roam the streets of Queens NY as a young teenager on my PK Ripper. Or because it reminds me of the times later on when my friend Derek Larson and I would go night riding on our road bikes- meet up at Pittsford Plaza when all the stores were closed, to practise sprints and leadouts under the lights of the parking lot. Couple of crazy juniors I suppose. Soon enough, it will be pitch black when I suit up to ride home from work, and it will be cold, and I need to have a good headlight. So riding home today, I'm startled by something. My Powertap is frozen- the elapsed time stopped ticking at 3:51. I stopped and fidgeted with the receiver, jiggled wires, snapped the cpu off and replaced it back on- nothing. Seems I just replaced the hub batteries not that long ago, so I'm worried that something might have shit the bed. Hopefully not.
Needless to say, with no Powertap reading telling me my watts as I ride, there was only one way to make sure and avoid doing inadvertent junk miles- and that was to ride home all-out in time trial mode of course. Serious.
I jest, but I must admit that riding home tonight without staring at the data was kind of nice. I think I'll put the Powertap wheel on the cross bike, and ride the Easton Tempest 2 rear wheel on my road bike for a while. The thing is practically brand new, and it looks pretty slick when the high contrast decals of both wheels are spinning. My Powertap wheel on the other hand, has about as much charm as a donut spare tire on a Crown Victoria.


gewilli said...

i seem to remember a time when you would have told us the powertap hub was like having 24" gold plates spinners on your Escalade... wicked pimp style...

don't make me tell you i told you so ;-)

Murat Altinbasak said...

Well you're right- the hub is kind of slick, but the DT rim it's laced to is ever so boring. It's also shredded a bit on the sidewall from my crash at Bob Beal in 07. I had the scratches buffed out but it's not the same. The wheel itself has gone out of true repeatedly, overall I'm not impressed with the wheel, though it does have about 11,000 miles on it over the past 16 months.