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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hill repeats..

I will be on route 12 in Scituate shortly, burying myself as I repeatedly go up a certain one mile climb and coast down the other side. Bury, rest, repeat. 2-1/2 minutes at zone 5a, plus 30 seconds at zone 5b..
According to an old friend and mentor:
"Races are won by those who are most willing to suffer".


solobreak said...

So how did they go? Your zones are based on power correct? How big of a range are they (i.e. zone 5a is x watts to x watts?). Curious as to how you meter out your effort for 2.5 minutes. That is a difficult time period for pacing purposes. And cadence? Standing/sitting? Thanks.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Zone 5a is a range of about 40 watts- I'll check when I get home tonight. I know the median of my zone 5a is about 325 watts.. At the base of the climb I take a deep breath and reset a new interval- with the power display in AVG mode. It displays the current average and once you get an idea of how hard/fast 325 watts feels like, it's pretty easy to hold the average where you need to for the duration. needless to say, sometimes I see 350-360 watts for the first 5-10-15 seconds, but then I reign myself in and average it down before 30 seconds are up. After 2:00 passes it get pretty hard to hold the watts, but not impossibly hard. I end up digging deeper, clutching the bars a little tighter, using some core strength to hold the watts. The final 30 seconds is basically emptying the tank of whatever is left.. speed and watts go up a touch, but it hurts twice as much. 8 minutes recovery.. I did this six times Tuesday, rested for three minutes, then topped it off with 25 minutes of zone 3/4..240 watts. It was a good ride!