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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday's program, Tuesday's feedback

20:00 WU
15 x 30 seconds at CP6 with 30-second spin recoveries. Stop if power drops below CP6 zone. Rolling starts, standing, big gear. Get to top end quickly.
15 min tempo
10 min spin
Sounds simple enough! I love workouts with sub 3:00 minute intervals. 30 seconds? Piece of cake. My normalized FTP of last season was established to be 304 watts by doing a very similar one hour workout.
Here's Tuesday's planned workout, followed by some back and forth with Coach Scheske..
20:00 WU
Do 4 minutes at CP10 (Z5a), with 4 minutes RI x2
3 sets.
5:00 between each set.
15:00 Spin recovery/endurance
Well they are YOUR numbers so it is as hard as YOU go! These workouts are hard no doubt about it.
Yeah weekend looks crap for weather.

From: Murat Altinbasak
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 8:55 AM
To: Todd Scheske
Subject: RE: CP10? Charts Mon Tues

I tought it was a pretty hard workout! 329 is my present CP5- doing it six times in succession and I would have been curled up in the gutter- fetal position- before the end.

I am stronger- I tell myself every day.

The right knee is better too btw.

I'm racing twice Saturday- Pro-Am and 35+. It's looks like it might be cold, wet and miserable- small fields.

Todd Scheske wrote:

From: Murat Altinbasak
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 11:21 PM
To: Todd Scheske
Subject: RE: CP10? Charts Mon Tues

I checked when I got home and CP10 at NP would be 329 watts! I'm glad I didn't know this because I would have surely ridden to failure somewhere during the 2nd interval.
[Scheske] yeah, and that would just mean that you are training hard and getting better…. Going easy is nicer and secures a place at the back of pack or back at the car and home early on a Sunday. ;)
I figured zone 5a would be about 300 watts, so that's what I aimed for, on all six intervals, missing the mark by a little bit, but pretty close. Had to skip the 5 min RI in between sets 2 and 3- I was running out of daylight. You'll find that intervals 5 and 6 were solid though.
[Scheske] don't worry about the number of intervals – do them on target and make them GOOD ones. I'd rather see 4 good intervals than 3 "so-so" ones and 3 lousy ones. (I did not look at the file yet)

I didn't feel 100% tonight. Long days at work with travel up to Boston are wearing me down.
[Scheske] work can be a detractor!
Am I going to have good legs this Saturday at Chris Hinds? I got 20th last year and want to be top five.. Looks like I'm pushing hard on Thursday again, and I already feel tired..
[Scheske] Saturday is not a priority race for you from what I remember, so I don't expect to see you on top form. We are working to build up right now. I'm not saying you won't be top 5 though since you are ahead of fitness from last year – but then again the race depends on who is there!
Monday's chart was copied from Tuesday's ride home, btw. I had forgotten my PT when I went to work with all my gear.


joker said...

looking forward to seeing you at ninigret on wednesdays this year to see if this "power" stuff works.

saw a millworks guy ride by my house last night. sharp kit, but if it is wet, i just don't know. mayhaps too much light colors for wet weather.

solobreak said...

Is he telling you to stand for the entire 15 seconds, or just to get the gear rolling? And how did it go?

solobreak said...

I mean the entire 30 seconds...

Murat Altinbasak said...

What if I'm a poor example of training with power? You shouldn't form an opinion based upon the experience of just one.. but believe me when I tell you that training is just plain more fun when you understand what you are trying to do.. and later, analyzing what you actually did.
I didn't have time to reach him before leaving work, so I assumed that he meant just stand for the first 10 or so seconds to wind it up, then go seated for the remaining 20 seconds. This seemed to work, but of course the first ten seconds end up averaging 450-550 watts, not the 360 I'm aiming for. What I found is that once I settled into the saddle, I could average down to the 360 with just the right amount of effort. This workout confused me.. For one, my CP6 is only 306 watts right now.. so I looked at my normalized CP6 and it was 358.. so I used 360 (easy to remember) Tomorrow I'll ask Todd if he did indeed mean normalized CP6.. I don't see how it's possible to use a big gear and get out of the saddle without hitting CP1 right off the bat.
If I stood for the entire 30 seconds, it would be no problem to hold 600 or so watts the whole way.
In the end, I did 20 repetitions before I had to really turn myself inside out trying to hold the 360. After the 20th 30 second effort, I was toast. Then I did 15 minutes of tempo at 215 watts and another 10 minute spin. Total TSS of 122, 29,5 miles, 1:35 duration (my warmup ended up being 50 minutes)
FYI, the way the PT works, I reset the average watts every minute- I do the 30 second interval with my eye on the average, recover for the second 30 seconds, and hit reset again just before gunning it for the next minute.

joker said...

"plain fun..." That's what it is all about! I am glad you are enjoying this. If it isn't fun why do it, eh? i look forward to blogs over the summer to see if you find it all helpful. That is all i was trying to say. you may be a good example, who knows, this is your first year w/ power, right?