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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Starting to sink in.. Grrrrrr

As I view the podium photos and the pictures of guys warming up on TT bikes from last weekend's Nationals racing, I am gradually stinging with regret and infected with jealousy. Clip on aero bars would have scored a Silver Medal. On one hand, me.. winning the TT would have been somewhat of a disgrace, especially considering my sub-par time trialing ability. On the other hand, my superior racing frequency probably gives me an edge over the others, who have probably not time trialed since the last Nationals and who definitely have not raced even 1/5 as much as I have... No doubt about it- the winning time was clocked by a very good time trialist- he beat No 2 by 50 seconds and me by 70. Still, he had the advantage of a TT bike, helmet, skinsuit, and going out last, presumably because he's last year's winner. I have one year to improve my equipment, my position and my attitude toward time trialing, and I can't wait to get started. I'm cautiuously optimistic about time trialing- it's a discipline which I think I may have more success improving- relative to climbing anyway. One thing which I definitely resolve to use is 172mm cranks which are what I've always raced on before buying the LOOK 486 back in 2006. Thanks for reading and for tolerating my woe-is-me crap.
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Anonymous said...

i ride the bikeworks TT if you want to join me, i love it, its 8 miles, hard, mostly flat, and you can do it cannibal like i do or johnny bold it with all the gear, either way it helps you build experience with the tt effort. it starts this thursday at 6:15. more details at

bigCrank said...

check out this site for some estimations on time savings for next year.

also, it isn't on there, but i notice about a 1mph increase just getting on the clipon aerobars with about the same effort.