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Saturday, December 05, 2009 now offers Merino Wool Base Layers by HASYUN

I think it's a notable improvement over last year: I completed both NBX 35+ elite races this weekend and avoided crashing, avoided being lapped on day 2 and avoided finishing last both days. On day one I was disappointingly lapped pretty darn close to seeing 1 to go, and only by the top 6 finishers.. Coming from a crit rider who never touches his 5 year old clunker of a cross bike in between cross races, that's something to feel good about. I do this for fun and to stay sharp in the winter, that's it. Okay maybe so does everyone else.. I just tend to do it poorly.
One of these short sleeve merino wool base layers pictured below occupies my wardrobe for the past 3 years. It has been machine washed about 25 times and improperly thrown into the dryer at least 1/2 dozen times. It shows a little bit of wear but it's as comfortable as ever- today I used it as my 2nd skin underneath my long sleeve jersey at the NBX Cross race at Goddard Park. Retail price is only $29.95. You can buy these from me at It's not the fanciest web site around selling this kind of product, but that's why it only costs you $30 instead of $60. Your support makes it possible for to sponsor three elite racing teams. Below there is a wealth of information relative to the merits of merino wool apparel. Thanks for reading.


WHY WOOL? Wool is a natural, sustainable and biodegradable resource.

ODOR FREE Wool is antimicrobial. Due to superior wicking, absorbing and moisture evaporation, odor causing bacteria is defeated.

TEMPERATURE REGULATION Wool fibers have tiny pockets of air which provide a buffering layer of natural climate control.

BREATHABILITY Only wool dissipates sweat from the skin immediately as a vapor, keeping you dry and comfortable.

RENEWABLE Harvesting wool uses much less energy than is takes to make fossil-fuel dependent, man made synthetics.

WHY MERINO WOOL? Merino Wool is the most comfortable fiber you can put against your skin!

NO SHRINKING Merino wool does not shrink when properly cared for. Machine washed and sensibly dried wool gets softer and more comfortable.

NO ITCHING Merino wool is prized for it’s fine micron diameter and owes it’s light and airy feel to this distinction. Inferior itch causing wools should be avoided.

4 SEASON FUNCTIONALITY Merino Wool is comfortable in a wider range of temperatures and activities than any other fabric.

HEALTH BENEFITS Merino Wool is comfortable, but wearing it is a healthy choice too!

ALLERGIES Wool’s long fibers don’t stick out to give you that prickle effect. Wool is hypoallergenic. A wool allergy is rare, when existent, is caused by lanolin, a natural coating on the fiber.

BODY TEMPERATURE Wool releases heat better than synthetics, improving body temperature regulation. Lower heat retention helps you to work harder for longer.

NATURAL FIBER Wool’s completely natural moisture management system ensures your skin stays healthy, by removing sweat from the skin’s surface before it condenses into a liquid.

FLAME RETARDANT The wool fiber outperforms all other common textile fibers in terms of fire resistance. Wool is difficult to ignite and never melts, so it can’t stick to the skin like synthetics do when they burn.

WOOL CARE Wool is a very durable material which will outlast all other inferior types, with proper care.

HAND WASHING TIPS Hand washing is not necessary, but is encouraged because it improves the life span of your garment. To wash, use a mild detergent in lukewarm water and then rinse with cool water. Gently squeeze to remove soap and excess water. Never wring your wool garments while washing or rinsing.

MACHINE WASHING TIPS For most wool garments, use the gentle cycle with cold or warm water with a mild non bleach detergent. Powdered soaps should be dissolved completely before adding your garments.

DRYING TIPS Drying wool garments properly will preserve their size, shape and feel. After washing, lay flat or hang to dry. Wool apparel tends to dry more quickly than any other fabric.

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Gulay said...

So when are you going to get a proper winter mountain bike and get down to NJ so the Husband can teach you the real meaning of crash and burn!!!!!! Shorts, in winter!!!!serioulsy!!!