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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Friday, February 29, 2008

Ronde de Bethel

After much painful contemplation, I decided to test my legs at Bethel this weekend instead of at Ninigret. My reasoning was pretty simple- Bethel isn't a training race. It has actual USAC "race value". Not to say I don't love thrashing myself on the 'ol airstrip with the coarse grained glass impregnated chip/seal of Ninigret Park.. But seeing that I can take the family out to CT, visit with some old freinds of ours after the race and such, it was a no-brainer. One thing I notice about Ninigret in the winter- it's awfully depressing and desolate. Oh well.. Bethel here I come! I'll be joined by team mate Scotty Sullivan. We don't have our new uniforms yet- those are still two weeks out, but I'm hopeful that we can both make our mark this weekend. I have 120 hours and 1800 miles of base under my belt since mid November.. and while it's true I'm in the middle of a four week build, I'm just dying to test the legs in 'combat'. I expect to build confidence from a strong performance Sunday, but anything can happen.


solobreak said...

So did you stretch this week?

gewilli said...

why bother - his only problem was the cleat - that massage/stretching/high cadence mumbo hippie jumbo has gone out the window.
The odds of Murat doing any of that would be similar to seeing him choose to ride a lugged steel 22 pound 8 speed bike with down tube shifters in a race.

KL said...

Hi Murat,

RE: stretching.

I've had ongoing issues with comfort and fit on the bike. I eventually got the dvd "sitting pretty" by Steve Hogg who gives advice on bike fit on The video gives some insight into positioning, but the one thing I took away from watching it was "if you ride 15hours a week and don't work on your structural fitness, you will go faster riding 12 hours a week and spending 3 hours doing pilates or yoga" I started doing yoga 3 times a week and have found I'm much more confortable on the bike. I was a bit late getting going this year so not where I was compared to last year at this time.( i can tell using my Powertap - hello SB+GW :-) ) but definatley feel much more comforatble on the bike and no thorasic region back pain.

anyway, i'm sure you will be going better this year, since it was normally about now that you just dusted the bike off!



solobreak said...

"structural fitness" -- I like that term.

solobreak said...

I don't knock training with a PT, I just defend training without one.

And Murat, I went back and clicked all your links. You'll be making enough to pay for those new shoes no problem!