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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two hours - 106 bpm avg

To think that the tot whose diapers I changed 25 years ago would grow to be a 240 pound 6 foot 4 hercules, trying to draft me for two hours on the back roads of Coventry.. If you told me back then I would have laughed. We did a leisurely 2 hours on rolling terrain. The ride was zone 1 for me and more like zone 4 for him.. but I don't think he minds. We pushed our luck a touch and got home just when it was getting kind of dark. Tonight we'll probably ride down to Narragansett Town Beach to meet my wife and son after work.. That's always a fun ride from Cranston- 25 miles into a stiff headwind down Route 1 and later Route 1A. I need to do some intervals though.. My TSS is way down from June/July levels, when it was over 100 for both CTL and ATL. Now I'm in the 70s and not training all that hard, but I plan to ramp it up next week.


solobreak said...

Yeah but what was you average power? I have you beat anyway. Sunday I rode 2 hours and averaged 92 bpm. I had to create a new zone this year, from 90-99 bpm, because previously I lumped anything under 100 into JNK Zone zero. This year my HR is clearly lower than it used to be, at least when I'm fatigued and pedaling under low stress. Max and threshold have not changed too much, and when I'm fresh it's still usually over 100 bpm if I'm spinning along fast enough to keep the bike from tipping over.

Nega-Coach has a few spots for new clients available.

Murat Altinbasak said...

143. You're ticker's super efficient I think. Are you on any kind of prescription drugs?

Ask Nega-Coach: Can I please pre-pay for one year? Do I need to submit a race resume? What if I suck? Will he still take me on?

Seriously though.. if I wanted to subject myself to that kind of treatment, I could call my mom every day, for free.