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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SPIN data

I surprised myself tonight- the computers on the SPIN bikes do not display average watts, you only see current watts. The average is displayed only at the end when you stop pedaling. After last week going from 200w to 184 w average between Mon and Wed, I expected something similar tonight, but instead the numbers went up: 231 watts, 87 rpm, 156 bpm, 62:14 duration. I was feeling pretty good tonight, and with dear wife at my side this time, I must have been trying to impress her or something. She did a great job, though she would enjoy it more if she used the new Shimano spinning shoes I bought her a few weeks ago! So my numbers are looking strong and I'm encouraged. Some will opine that I'm going to burn out in May.. I say to them: What's wrong with having excellent form in early spring- nothing wrong with being the fastest mofo in March and April- and Success breeds Success. Having a crappy and out-of-form spring where you're struggling to race your way into shape, is not the recipe for a good season, it's the training plan of a procrastinator. I've done it myself enough times to know that it leads only to mediocrity. I'm tired of being 'best of the worst' or 'worst of the best'.. No thanks, not this season thank you very much..
The plan is to rest tomorrow- maybe a recovery spin if time permits.

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xyz said...

Murat, I completely agree. Ain' nuthin' wrong with being King of Spring. Royalty is royalty, and results are results- regardless of what month they come in. Consider it this way: you can always tell people you're focusing on the "spring classics" (Rick Newhouse!)
I, on the other hand, am likely to be the Court Jester of spring. My tires have not caressed pavement since October, and my windtrainer is buried beneath a pile of empty beer cans...
Adam S.