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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Recap +

Don't worry, I will tire of this eventually. Slept a little better last night, and got to the Y after work in time for the Pilates class- man was it full tonight. And two other guys in there this time. This did not make it any less embarrassing when your hero, during a more strenuous maneuver involving his very weak trunk/abdominal muscles, let one rip in all it's audible glory. Fortunately, it had a bark but no bite. I've been in there other times and witnessed some silent yet deadly emissions from some of the women. Made my nose hairs curl.. After getting home I was not content to got o bed without a proper turn of the pedals so I did a light spin for one hour while opening mail, reading stuff, even wrote an e-mail.. After uploading some data from the PT I decided to take a look at the past 40 or so days of training and compare to the year before period. Below, we have Dec 1 to the present. Farther down below, we have the same period one year ago.
Looking at one year ago, it's very easy to see why my knees were shot after Jan 13- I did two epic rides that weekend- 4+ hours on Sat and 3+ hours on Sunday. You can see the huge spike there in the pink ATL. I have avoided such Tom Foolery this winter, and I'm increasing training load in much more metered doses, as you can see in the above chart showing you how my CTL (42 day constant in Blue) is moving up a lot more gradually this year. Year before, CTL jumped 11-12 points in two days, from an already low TSS of 45/day. It's little wonder I needed to get the Active Release therapy to my knees. No such problems in 2009.


solobreak said...

Since you said you're tired of the comments goosegg, I'm throwing you a bone. Gnaw on this: Is all your non-bike stuff on this or just the bike? Because if it's not, then your current ATL is actually higher than the graph shows, right?

Murat Altinbasak said...

I do not have a way to calculate the TSS of Nautilus, Yoga or Pilates, but the SPIN bikes give time, ditance, Watts, Calories etc. I enter the SPIN info manually.
I don't think the Yoga and Pilates adds too much. One solid Nautilus circuit with two sets on every machine could amount to about 70 TSS if I had to guess- a little less than a one hour spin class.