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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Year to date miles: 4,694

I don't believe it either.. but it's definitely time for me to get some great results. Looking at the power numbers.. I've trained much harder solo, than I raced on Saturday in Attleboro, and it's unacceptable. No more pissing and moaning and excuses. My form is better than it's ever been, yet I'm blowing it with bad habits such as self-doubt, hesitance and fear. I'm also over-estimating the strength of the competition. No more. It's time to make all of this training worth something. The gloves are off.


solobreak said...

How many hours? You train almost exclusively on the road, correct?

Murat said...

Thru May 11, 2259 miles in 139:27
May 12 thru today, 2435 in approx 135 hours
Overall, 274 hours +/-.
I do very little off road.

solobreak said...

I am at 189 hours bike. About 40 running. Bike hours actually running a bit behind last year, but the run/bike total is up slightly. I try to do roughly twice as many hours "in season" ie April-September as I do in the winter months. I find weighting the time more heavily toward the summer helps me with form during race season without really burning out. I tend to race better when my hours are up, so long as I don't try to do it for more than a month at a time. I realize this goes against conventional wisdom of piling on miles in the spring and then backing off during race season, but as a master my way works for me. I'd rather take advantage of the good weather and ride more than I would to drag my ass out in the cold in March.

My last comment was regarding starting a build this late in the season. Yeah, there is still time to improve for Bob Beal, but my point was the season will be over before you know it, so focus on being sharp at the races now. At Cattleboro in the 30+, I thought there was only one paying spot left, and I knew I wasn't going to outsprint Mark, so I figured I may as well attack. Doing 3 races is pretty tough. I had my hands full with two. I think it's better to just focus on one and put in your best effort.

The hard part about Bob Beal is that we start to lose daylight and it's hard to keep form, unless you have a way to work around that. The race is a little bit of a lottery too. If you ride aggressive and attack in the road race, you run the risk of being toast for the TT in the afternoon. I like the format though, so long as it's not raining...